Bundled Bonuses

  • 30 Minute Strategy Call

    We will schedule a 30 minute strategy call with you in order to get a better grasp of your goals, experience, situation, and future career plans.

  • 3-Day Delivery

    Job postings won't wait around all month, and neither will we! We'll make sure to deliver your documents (resume, cover letter) within 3 business days!

  • Free Rewrite

    Still haven't gotten a job offer after a month of using our resumes? No problem, we'll write you one completely new resume free of charge!

  • Monthly Revisions

    Every month you can schedule up to 3 revisions where we can correct minor details, add/remove data, or update your information.


The Services

  • Tailored Resume

    Tailored resumes are our bread and butter. Just like how a doctor will prescribe you specific medication based off of your condition, we will tailor a resume specifically for a job posting of your choosing! This means that everyone who signs up for a resume order is eligible for at least one tailored resume in addition to a general all-purpose resume.


Did you know that over half of the resumes that are sent through the application system don't even make it through? And did you know that hiring managers discard about a fifth of the resumes they get handed before even reading through it due to grammar/incorrect spelling? Before you even think about what you should put on your resume, you first need to know how you should write your resume in order to give it a fighting chance. We make sure that all of our resumes are ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly, tailored, professional, and written with literary proficiency. Want to see some resume examples or resume templates? Check out our templates page.

Cover Letter

Cover Letters

A lot of applicants find themselves asking, "do I really need a cover letter?". Our advice? Unless there is literally no option to include a cover letter OR they explicitly state not to include one, best practice is to include one with your application package. Keep in mind, 38% of hiring managers (out of 2575) said that a cover letter is more likely to set you apart. So what exactly are cover letters? Think of cover letters as your argument or reason for why the company should hire you. Cover letters are excellent tools to personalize your application and back up your qualifications. Make sure to check out our cover letter samples and cover letter examples on our templates page as well!

LinkedIn Facelift

Is LinkedIn really that important? Well, according to some statistics, yes it really is. Up to 90% of recruiters say that LinkedIn is included in their recruitment or hiring process, and it is an excellent way to be proactive and reach out to recruiters yourself. There are a couple different strategies you can use to create the best LinkedIn profile for your situation: First, you want to make it recruiter friendly, meaning that every recruiter that comes across your profile should be able to instantly see that you're a candidate worth considering for an open position. The old adage of "it's not what you know, but who" rings true again as LinkedIn provides a valuable source of networking and professional relationship building.



Finally we get to perhaps the most feared aspect of the job application process, the interview. There's not secret answer or solution to how you can pass your next interview, it's all about preparation. For the most part, the candidate with the most amount of knowledge or experience isn't going to win out every single time, personality and fit matter too. Sometimes, you'll lose out on interviews simply because they liked the other candidate more and while that might not seem fair, it gives you an important lesson. We'll guide you through the interview process by scheduling some mock interviews, going over questions to ask in an interview, reviewing possible interview questions, and honing your interview skills!

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